A woman’s choice of curtains is a big deal

The curtain that separates you from the street is a personal decision that must be respected.

In a time when people are becoming more conscious of their own skin colour and body type, the choice of curtain is an important one.

The curtains of many Indian cities are a mix of traditional and modern styles and some, such as those made of cotton, are even more colourful than the curtains of the street.

The curtains that divide you from a street in Mumbai are of the traditional type.

Some are colourful, some are black and some are red, while others are white, green and yellow.

The colours range from yellow, red, white, black and green. 

It is difficult to decide between the curtains, given that some of them are white and some of those are black.

The modern curtains are made from cotton, and are made to match the fabric of the home.

It’s a personal choice, said Shri Sitaram Bhatt, president, Indian Council of Fashion Designers of America.

He said the curtain should reflect the family and the person and not the colour.

“When it comes to curtains, a man or a woman, it’s very important.

If it’s black and white, it will reflect the people and not a particular person.

It’s very simple,” he said.”

When you walk down the street, a lot of the people are talking and they will look at the curtains and say, ‘Why are they not red?’

But when it comes down to the colour, that’s when it’s a different story.”

Sitaram said that the curtains in his area were white, grey, green, yellow and black.

It is very important that the curtain reflect the personality and not just the colour of the fabric.

He said he wears white curtains because he does not have a lot to hide behind.

“I feel more comfortable in white, so I have a white curtain and it reflects the house, the personality of the family,” he explained.

If you are looking for a traditional curtain, it should be made from the traditional material, like a white cotton.

A woman who wants to change her colour has a couple of choices, she said.

“I would look at any curtains.

I’d say to the man, ‘This is the colour I want to be in,’ and he could say, well, it is yellow.

Or, he could just say, that is white.

I’m not going to change my colour.”

Sitarum said he would not wear a white carpet, but he does wear a yellow one.

 “The colour that I want is the one that I choose,” he told NDTV.

“The colour of my home and the colour that represents me.” 

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