Gold curtain rod: The Trump Cabinet’s secret weapon to prevent a shutdown

The Trump administration is in the midst of a major transition.

So much so that many of the key Trump Cabinet officials have been quietly working behind the scenes to help shape the agenda of the incoming administration.

In the past few weeks, the Trump administration has begun laying out a series of major executive orders and executive orders of the Trump Cabinet.

This includes Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, a staunch advocate for charter schools, and a number of other important Cabinet picks.

But as the months go by, we can expect more to come out.

One of the first things that comes out is the Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

And the Supreme Courts are a central part of the new administration’s agenda.

There are a lot of ways that the Supreme court can be a key player in the new agenda.

And so there are two major things that the Trump cabinet is doing right now to prepare for the court.

They are laying out an ambitious agenda that includes a major infrastructure plan, an infrastructure package, and another massive infrastructure package.

And these are two very important parts of the agenda.

First, this is going to be a big infrastructure bill that is going, in part, to pay for a massive tax cut for businesses, and it will also pay for things like the border wall and other measures to try to keep our nation safe and prevent future terrorist attacks.

Second, the Supreme Republicans have begun laying this out.

And I think it is going a long way toward ensuring that these bills that the administration is developing and these major infrastructure initiatives, these major tax cuts that are going to pay off, those bills will have bipartisan support, so that they can pass and be signed into law.

And one of the things that’s really important is the Justice Department.

And in particular, I think the Justice Dept. has been working hard to get Gorsuch confirmed.

The Justice Department is going through a very, very difficult time right now.

And we have to take care of that.

But at the same time, we also have to do a lot to get through this administration, because the Supreme courts are going down, and we have been able to keep the Senate majority in check.

But we also need to get confirmation for these judges who have been nominated, and I think that’s a big part of that agenda.

Now, I want to give a little bit of background.

I have just come back from my first full week as President.

I had a very busy week and a half.

I did a lot on the road, and then I had to deal with the fact that the Senate was adjourned and not able to come back and vote for the Gorsuch nomination.

So I had one of those “no distractions” days.

And that was really a good thing for me, because I got to get out there and have a lot, and to do that, I needed a few days off.

So this is not the first time I’ve been on a full-week vacation.

And during the first two weeks, I did not go on a vacation.

But it is a lot less than what I was doing during the recess.

So for the first couple of weeks, we were working on the Supreme Supreme Court nominations and we did a very thorough vetting.

We were looking at every nominee that had been confirmed, every nominee who had been blocked, every nomination that had ever been denied, every pick that had come forward that was pending.

And then we also looked at the judges.

We did a huge vetting of them, because they are going through an incredibly difficult time.

And there are a number, like the two that I mentioned earlier, that are very critical.

But then we did other work.

We started working with the American Bar Association and we also worked with the Justice Departments staff to make sure that we had the resources that we needed to do the vetting, and that we were well equipped.

But that was one of my favorite things.

I went out to New York City and spent a lot time at the offices of all the other attorneys general, and the lawyers general that are now on the court, the other Supreme Court nominees that are coming out of the Justice department, and also the federal judges who are coming through the Justice departments.

And those are some of the most important people that are in the country today.

And all the people that you have to worry about and all the things you have been working with are going back to their homes, and they are getting ready for the Supreme judicial confirmation process.

So we did work on the Judiciary, the Judiciary Committee, and worked on other things.

We also started getting involved in the Justice and Homeland Security departments, because that’s where I have been for a long time, so I had the opportunity to go back and work with the secretaries of the agencies and with the attorneys general.

We spent a few weeks working with Homeland Security and we worked with Homeland and the Department of Justice and the FBI. So a lot

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