How to dress for the apocalypse

The best way to protect yourself from the apocalypse, according to some experts, is to choose a new style.

Here are three ideas.1.

Home decor.

The American home is often a reflection of its time.

The design, the materials and the decor of homes reflect that, said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, which owns and operates three of the world’s largest airlines.

So if you want to keep your home from going to the next level of destruction, you have to start thinking about how you want it to look.

“We have this great tradition of keeping the home beautiful.

That’s the legacy of people who have lived in it for a very long time, and so I think people should look at what they want to decorate and try to get a balance between that,” Branson said.2.

Reclaimed wood.

Home renovation has been a tradition in the U.S. for decades.

It’s a process that often involves building an interior space that looks as if it’s been used, he said.

“There’s a lot of reclaimed wood that has been sitting around for a long time that you can use as a natural finish, and the same with old-fashioned furniture.

The same is true of other materials like metal.

But there are also a lot reclaimed materials that are really useful to make a new space.”3.


The modern home is not built to last.

If you want a wall to last, make it old-school and take the time to choose something that is very timeless, said Martha LeCroy, author of the new book, “Wallpaper: How to Dress for the End of the World.”

“The best way is to buy an old wallpaper that you are comfortable with,” she said.

A few simple tips for choosing wallpaper:Avoid cheap wallpaper, which is often painted over and made of wood, she said, or use something more durable like metal or wood grain.

“It’s all about the feel,” she added.

“Make sure the wallpaper has been treated with a good oil-based stain and that it’s not too chalky or faded.”

To learn more about home decor and how to keep it modern, go to home decor, or to read more on this topic, go here.

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