How to Tie Up a Curtains in 20 Easy Steps

Gray curtains are now a thing of the past as the new season of the hit BBC show The Great British Bake Off has shown that they are easy to tie up and are often seen as a great way to relax. 

It’s not the only recent trend to come under scrutiny as the BBC show shows its audience is more engaged with technology, with the average TV viewer spending an average of 10 hours on social media. 

“It’s all about social media,” said RTE entertainment editor Stephen Folan. 

“It’s so much easier to get caught up in it, especially now, with all these social networks.” 

The new season will feature the likes of Pinterest and Instagram as well as a new online community called The Great Britain Bake Off, which was launched on Twitter earlier this year. 

The show’s stars are all set to be featured on the programme this summer, with The Great Brits Bake Off creator Paul Whitehall saying the season will be “a very exciting time”. 

“I’ve just had a chat with the BBC, they are very keen to get on board with it, I’ve got a fantastic producer and I’m so excited to do it,” said Mr Whitehall, adding that he had had a number of conversations with the producers of the show. 

 “We’ve had the chance to meet the cast and they are excited about it.” 

 The programme, which is being filmed in Scotland, has been criticised for being too commercial and not showing the full range of tastes, including the diversity of food in Britain. 

However, it has also been praised for the way the show presents its contestants, with some of the contestants having to make a huge sacrifice to stay at the top of the food chain. 

There are also some new designs for the season, including a new style of tie-up curtain. 

As the BBC shows a wide range of styles of ties, including classic British and British Indian designs, the BBC has recently unveiled a new range of tie up curtains that is designed to appeal to people of all backgrounds and cultures. 

Some people have criticised the BBC for showing a range of different styles of tie ups in the show, with one critic saying it looked like a “whites only” menu. 

RTE’s Mr Folan added that while the show is not about the traditional ties that many people are familiar with, he hoped the new designs would be “quite cool”. 

In recent years, ties have been a big topic of discussion in the UK. 

During the general election campaign, Mr Whitehouse had a go at the BBC’s “white” tie-ups during an appearance on ITV’s The One Show, which resulted in a row between the host and the host’s wife. 

Last month, the Government announced that it will be spending £2 billion to fund the promotion of ties in schools, with many people worried that the BBC is becoming a “white tie” institution. 

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, RTE’s Whitehall said the new tie-Up Curtains would be a “great way” for children to have a good experience of the world and help them to learn about the country’s diverse cultures.

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, if you can relate to a certain style of decor, that’s great,” he said. 

Mr Whitehall added that the programme would “provide a wonderful opportunity” for kids to have the chance “to make connections” with people who might not otherwise know them. 

What do you think about the new ties?

Are they trendy?

Have you ever tied up a curtain?

Let us know in the comments section below! 

Image Credits: RTE

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