How to turn a blind eye to a house of horrors

A house of horror, if you will, which has been on the market for over three months and has attracted a staggering $1.3 million in online bidding.

The Victorian house, which is owned by the same family who bought the property from an elderly woman who died in 2009, is on the NSW list of the country’s most dangerous houses.

It is on Queensland’s list of houses of terror, and is just weeks from being sold to a new owner.

The owner, who has not been named, bought the house in May, 2010.

The property is a former school house which has deteriorated into a place of darkness and decay, and has a number of health issues, including a serious respiratory infection and a life-threatening case of pneumonia.

The house is a home with no access to electricity and water, and no heat.

While it is an incredibly horrific example of neglect, it is a very small house, and the NSW Health Department is aware of no fatalities, serious injury or damage caused to the home.

It was not until the house was auctioned off last month that the Health Department received a complaint from a concerned family member.

That family member told Health Department staff they were concerned about the house and its condition, and said there were signs of life inside.

“They have a lot of concerns, but they’re not looking for the whole house, so we’re hoping they will buy it and bring it up to standard,” Dr Lisa Kelly, the health department’s acting director of residential health, said.

The house was originally listed for $3.5 million in January, 2010, but the current owner of the house, the family who owns it, is selling it to the NSW Government for $1 million.”

It’s been a real shock, and I think it’s going to be a really, really tough decision.”

The house was originally listed for $3.5 million in January, 2010, but the current owner of the house, the family who owns it, is selling it to the NSW Government for $1 million.

The NSW Health department says the condition of the property is not the fault of the original owners, and that the building is currently being repaired.

“The NSW Department of Health is aware that there are a number complaints about the condition and the condition on the property, and we have been working with them to resolve those concerns,” Dr Kelly said.

“There are some issues with the building, and those are being addressed.”

A spokesman for the Health department said they have not received any complaints about living conditions in the property.

A NSW Health spokeswoman said the state had a very good record of dealing with dangerous properties.

“We have the highest safety standards in the state of NSW,” she said.

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