The world’s most amazing shower curtain

A green shower curtain is all that’s left to save Australia’s precious water resources from the ravages of climate change.

In the next couple of years, the amount of water in the world’s oceans will reach a peak, the Australian Government has warned.

The new report from the Australian National University’s Centre for Environmental Economics (CEE) has highlighted the need to ensure Australia has the water it needs to cope with the impact of climate-related events.

Key points:The report estimates Australia’s water resources could fall by half by 2050The researchers said a green shower curtains would be “an environmentally sustainable way to ensure that Australia’s most precious resource” will remain protected”A green shower will allow water to seep in and out of the curtain without being absorbed by the water itselfThe researchers found a green curtain could “effectively increase the water content of the watercourse by 30-50% over the next 20 years, with a maximum of an increase of 2% per year”.

While a shower curtain may not be the most practical solution, it is a “very promising” option that could provide the “environmental sustainability and social benefit that is needed”, the report said.”

Green shower curtains can significantly increase the amount and water content in the water, and thus the capacity to store it and provide it with the social and economic benefits that water is known for,” it said.

The report also found that the green shower would provide “significant benefits to Australia’s aquatic ecosystem” and help reduce pollution and water use.

It found a blue curtain “could be an economically sustainable solution” if it “reduces the water use per capita and reduces the amount, if any, of water used by domestic households”.

The green shower has a low cost per square metre compared to the blue curtain, and is less polluting to the environment, according to the researchers.”

A single green shower can provide water for several people, but the total water used is far less than that of a blue shower, which has a greater use for the land,” the report states.

Water used by households is around 5.7 per cent of total household water use, which the researchers found is “more than the consumption of all Australians combined”.”

The water used for households by Australia’s households is more than one-fifth the water used per capita in other developed countries, and less than half the use of Australia’s population,” it says.

Water-related carbon emissions are a major factor behind Australia’s growing water stress, the researchers say.”

Australia’s water stress is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, mining, industry, transport and household services, as well as greenhouse gas pollution,” the study states.

It recommends that “all households and businesses” should be “particularly concerned” about water conservation, including the green curtain.”

Many water users already have limited access to green shower systems, and this is one way of ensuring that they have access to water that is safe and hygienic,” the researchers said.

They also recommend a “green shower” should also be included in the Australian Water Supply Plan.

The research comes after the Federal Government announced a $200 million scheme to help communities deal with water scarcity.

The Government has also promised to reduce water demand by 25 per cent in the next decade and reduce greenhouse gas output by 50 per cent by 2050.


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