Which do you want to keep on the top shelf of your bathroom closet?

The top shelf in your bathroom will probably have a shelf that has all the accessories you want, including shower curtain hooks, and maybe even a couple of shelves that have shelves with the clothes you want.

But how many of these shelves should you keep?

Here’s a look at the top and bottom shelf choices for most bathroom fixtures.

The top-of-the-line bathroom fixtures are generally a good idea for the first few months of home ownership.

You can buy a new shower curtain hook for around $40, a replacement shower curtain for around about $30, and a new wall hook for about $20.

(Read: The 5 best cheap wall hooks) But if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want to get rid of the older stuff.

And if you don’t want to pay the extra $40 for the hook or wall hook, you might as well go for the cheapest option.

You’ll also want to save the $30 to $40 on a new toilet seat and a few more bathroom fixtures for around the same amount of money.

The only difference is that a toilet seat is $20 more expensive than a new bathroom fixture.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen and bathroom fixture, consider one of the following: Wall hooks: If you have a bathroom sink, you can easily replace the existing ones with a new one that will cost $10 or less.

These hooks come in all sorts of colors and sizes, from basic to elaborate, and are available at many retailers.

They come with a lock that locks them to the wall behind them, so you can’t get them out of the bathroom unless you want them to.

You don’t need to purchase the hooks separately, but if you do, make sure to pick the cheapest one, since they’re the most expensive.

You could also opt to get a pair of these for around a dollar, but they’re usually a little pricier than the hook and wall hooks.

You also might want to pick up some new shower curtains, since these can be much more expensive.

Bathroom curtains: This is the cheapest of the new fixtures.

You might find yourself using a bathroom curtain hook a few times a year as an alternative to the old one.

If your shower curtain is old and you’ve had a shower curtain installed, you may want to look into getting a new curtain instead.

If not, you could buy a pair at a discount and just keep the old curtain in your closet.

You’re probably better off if you get one for the money than paying more for the new one.

Bathtub sinks: If your bathtub is in need of a new splash, consider getting a shower or toilet seat.

You won’t need the old ones anymore, but the new ones are more comfortable.

You may want a pair for around 10 cents, but you’re likely to end up spending more than you would for the old shower or shower seat.

They’ll come with an adjustable latch that makes it easier to turn the water on and off.

Bath towels: This might seem like a no-brainer, but a new bath towel can add $15 or more to your monthly bill.

You should probably get a new towel to start with, since you’ll probably want to use it for a long time, especially if you use a tub.

You’d probably better stick with a good brand, such as the brand you bought from the store, or make sure you’re not using one of those cheaper brands.

Bath soap: Bath soap is usually cheaper than toiletries, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid it.

Bath oil can add around $2 to your bill, depending on the brand, and it can be hard to find.

If the soap you’re buying is cheap and you’re willing to pay a little extra for a little more protection, it might be worth it.

You probably should use soap that’s in the same color as your bathroom mirror, since some bathroom mirrors are not compatible with the soap.

You’ve probably heard of a product called shower soap, but it’s not the best choice for a bathroom wash.

You want to make sure the soap comes from a brand that has the same quality as the mirror.

(You might also want some type of rinseable shampoo or conditioner, which you can buy at drugstores.)

Shower curtains: The most expensive new bathroom fixtures may not be as expensive as the ones that come with the shower curtain.

And you don,t have to worry about the curtain breaking.

Most shower curtains come with lockable hinges that lock them to a wall behind.

They can be set to a single setting, or you can have them change the setting whenever you want it.

If that’s all you have in the bathroom, it’s probably worth it to upgrade your shower curtains and shower curtains to a full wall hook.

You will need a lock to keep the curtains in place, but this should be pretty easy to replace.

If they don’t

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