Why Are We Still Using This Old Bathroom Lighting Device?

The bathroom fixtures have been getting brighter and brighter as the year has gone on, but some homeowners still don’t feel comfortable with using them, even in the lightest of rooms.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, 77 percent of Americans would prefer to have an old-fashioned bathroom lighting device, like a candle or candlelight, to use in their bathroom.

“It’s a very comfortable lighting system,” said Dan Mankins, owner of Mankens Home Studio in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

“If you have a room with no natural light in it, that’s where you’d probably feel the most comfortable.”

“It feels comfortable,” Mankines wife, Tessa, agreed.

“It’s not going to bother me if I get up and go into the bathroom to use the bathroom.”

The new bulb is much more comfortable, especially if you have people around you to share your space.

It also comes with a little extra cost, though: the bulbs are made of metal and come with a price tag of $99.99 per bulb.

However, it’s not clear if the bulbs will actually be the only thing in the room that’s getting brighter.

The National Association for Home Buildering estimates that up to one-third of all American homes will need to be replaced with lightbulbs in the next five years.

Some homeowners may be looking at purchasing a replacement fixture, but it’s important to remember that there are many options available for the old bathroom fixtures.

They come in all sizes and shapes, and they can be installed using all sorts of different methods.

And you can always use the bulbs in a different color if you wish, but you can also change the bulbs’ color and replace the lightbulb if they get too dim.

Check out some of the more stylish options below.

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