Why You Should Always Keep a Shower Rod in Your Kitchen

When I got married, my husband, Matt, and I had two beautiful young children, one of them a very special girl named Maya.

We thought we were doing the right thing by putting a shower curtain in the bathroom every night.

We also decided to get rid of all the old curtains, which were starting to wear thin.

I was surprised to learn that many older women are reluctant to shower with curtains in the house.

There are some common reasons why older women don’t shower, but I’ve discovered that some women really love shower curtains and it’s one of the best ways to keep them looking fresh.

But if you want to keep the curtain curtain in your kitchen, the truth is, it’s best to keep it in the kitchen.

I want you to consider these common reasons when you decide to use a shower curtains in your home.


They’re easier to wash The curtain rods have a smooth surface, making them easier to clean.


They hold up to the elements They’re designed to hold up in the elements.


They keep the room warm If you can put the curtain rod in a room that gets too hot, you can keep it out of the house too.


They provide a great place to keep your favorite items The curtains don’t need to be put on the countertop to dry.

They can sit in your refrigerator or drawers in your bedroom.


They look great They’ll look good with other items, too.


They’ll keep your family happy Some of the curtains in my home have been used to store the family’s jewelry, and my kids love having a shower in the living room.

But I still like to keep my curtain rods in the bedroom because they’re the perfect size for me.

When I get to the shower, I like to throw the curtain rods over the edge of the tub and let them dry.

When the towels are drying, I put the towels under the curtains and I shower on the couch.

You can always wash them with water, but if you’re going to use them, you should wash them every day.

When you’re done washing them, it will feel a little dirty, but they’ll look new.


They help keep your children and pets safe If you have a dog, cat or bird, you want them to be safe when you get in the shower.

The curtain rod is a great way to keep a safe distance from your pet.

But for kids, a curtain rod can also be a great thing to keep their toys out of reach.

A good rule of thumb is that curtain rods shouldn’t be more than about 2 inches from the kids’ toys.


They last a long time You can hang a curtain rods at the ceiling, but you should use a towel or something else that won’t make it into the tub.


They won’t scratch the floor or stain your carpet If you don’t want to buy curtain rods for your bathroom, you’ll have to buy them for your bedroom too.

And that’s not even counting the extra cost of installing them in your living room or bedroom.


You’ll get a lot of use out of them Some people think curtain rods will make a good investment, but others are less impressed by the extra work they’ll have done to keep curtains in their bathroom.

Some people prefer curtains that are easier to hang.

I’m sure most of you are thinking, “This is a good deal!

Why wouldn’t I do that?”

And you’d be right.

The answer is, you don of course need to spend $1,000 on curtain rods to have the same level of success as the curtain that you have hanging in your bathroom.

But a curtain curtain will make your bedroom, bathroom and living room more comfortable.

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